Deep moments with the djm800 🔮


Ryo Ohshita (1982)


my blog is good.


force of will



This is funny and amazing. Fantazia New Years Day 1993

My Imminent remix is now available for free download!

Team old/yung angry/happy Oslo museum of technology is amazing ✌️@emilpls @iamdrippin @purpurrpurple (ved Teknisk museum)

Recording from the Keysound Rinse FM show. LV chose my remix as their winner in the Imminent remix competition. Joshua Idehen MC’s over my remix and smashes and hilarity ensues. Out to the Keysound crew and thanks to LV! You can listen to the full show here: 

Hang tight for the free download of my Imminent remix very soon! Also follow me on 

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Love this new track from DJ Spinn & Taso, can’t wait for the Next life compilation coming soon on Hyperdub.

Forever falling

Lost myself completely into this!

Bardarbunga, Iceland

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